Memorial Day Week end Wagon Train

 We had the pleasure of taking part in a wagon train ride on Sunday. 
It is always fun to get out with the horses and it is safest to do so in numbers.
Five teams of Belgian Draft Horses  hit the streets of Lyman.This can be a sight, each team of Belgian horses weigh about 4000 pounds. Each wagon and driver (teamster) is  different .
 The Belgian Heavy Draft horse stands between 16.2 hands and 18 hands (66-72 inches). On average the Belgian grows to weigh slightly over 2,000 lbs.

We started on Duke Lane, at the Abenaki Draft Horse Club house.

Courtesy and common sense are important when horses share the road with vehicles.
Horses tend to be wary of unaccustomed sights and sounds.
Horses' main defense to perceived threat is flight ( to run), and if a horse or team of horses acts upon this urge while on the roadway, consequences can be devastating.

In total we traveled about ten miles, encountering cows, cars , cyclist, motorcycles and even street sweepers. All went well and everyone returned safely.
  After the wagon train we hosted a small lunch on the farm.