Why I Love Bean Pots and Blonds

I love blonds and bean pots some things make me feel comforted no matter how cold and wet

Va Voe's Baked Beans
(aka Elsie's Recipe)
Soak over night 1lb. Navy White Pea Beans 
 Par Boil beans
Place into bean pot with Same water
and one block salt pork 
( I use pig Jewel, put do NOT tell guest till after they have fallen in love)
Cook 3 hours adding HOT water as needed.Add 1 level TBSP. salt and 1 1/3 c sugar at the same time Cover and cook while in church ( 1 hour or more)

the solid brown pot was my Grandma's 
(Va voe's)

Va voe taught my Mom to cook baked beans and bean soup and my Mom taught me. My Mom gifted my Va voes pot to me. I do not use Va Voes pot any place put home for fear I will break it so I collect

Va Voe's Red Bean Soup
!stick margarine
1 med. onion cut small
1 green pepper cut small
"about "3 tsp Portuguese All spice
2 cans red kidney beans
1 1/2 cup macaroni 9 elbows)2 small (80z can) tomato sauce
In stock pot melt margarine, saute onion and pepper add all spice until pepper almost soft. Add 1 can beans. Put strainer over pot with 2nd can of beans in ti. 
As your steam rises to the strainer mash these beans through. What goes through the strainer will thicken soup. ( throw away the skins)
Add the cooked elbows tomato sauce and 1 can hot water ( an empty bean can full)
set on back of stove heat off. cut up LINQUCIA OR CHERICO to add to soup. serve with crusty bread