34th day 2015

Total snow fall, this winter on our farm 60".
Sunrise 6:57 am Sunset 5:31 pm
Total day light to work with 10 hours 34 min.
Full moon tonight  6:09 pm Snow Moon
We have officially run out of places to put the snow and more is predicted to arrive on Thursdays.

The fences that surround our paddocks, are now just requests of boundaries.

Tonight I will start a batch of sprouts on my windowsill, for the hens.
Time to hunker in with a coffee and a good book .

Did you now I collect cook books? 
At this time they are kept in my pantry, I am on the search for a "great old shelf".
I want to share with you two of my most recent additions.
Sunday Suppers I purchased on Amazon, for about 24.00. I am very happy with it and know it has recipes I will cook.
If you are a foodie their web site is worth a peek. www.SundaySuppers.com
Then this nice little hard cover Farm to Table was a bargin find today at the local Goodwill Store for $2.00. It has crisp clean pages and will be joining me in the tub tonight, with a glass of wine.