Day 36 2015

Sunrise 6:57
Sunset 5:32
10 hours 35 min. day light
Good Morning from the farm.
Tom is in a silly mood this morning.

While the" BIGS" are all business.

Yesterday felt like a February thaw (Lul before the storm)

Snow was sliding of the farm house roof and landing with great force below.
Today we awoke to more snow.
Walking the farm this morning was beautiful , today's snow is fluffy.
I wish you could hear the numerous birds, in one tree alone I counted 17.
Tonight's temperatures are supposed to be dangerously cold, I think the birds are prepping.

Now back in the farm house I am about to fix a Fontina, Spinach and Olive Frittata.
Fontina, a cows milk cheese from northeast Italy, has a delicate earthy flavor and semi firm texture. It melts beautifully making it great for eggs or fondue.