Day 47

Sunrise 6:45
Sunset 5:43
Days Length 10 hrs 58 min.
9' feels like -11
68" of snow fall to date

31 days until spring
Many of you know I love bean pots, but did you know I love cast iron?

I use my cast iron year round but most of all in cold weather, it is great for fast stir Fry's and slow roasting.
The very smallest iron on the top I use most often for personal egg muffin sandwiches.
The twins are perfect for personal apple crisps and chicken pot pies.

These pans are used for sizzling fajitas

This is my dutch oven used most often some times 10 times a week.

Today I used the top to grill club sandwiches for dinner and the bottom for bacon . I use the bottom for sauces, chili, pot roasts, stews...Purchased new at Cabela's Maine for about 80.00

my grill pan could use to be bigger but gets much use

last but not least my Wok, by far my most "fun pan". This pan was a gift and I love it!

Consider cast iron they are east to use hard to scratch and very versatile.
I look for cast iron at auctions and yard sales