Day 54

Sunrise 6:37 am
Sunset 5:50 pm
Days Length: 11 hours and 13 min.
and by far the easiest satisfying meal I have EVER made..

So a tiny little back story before today's receipt:

At this time it is necessary for me to work "in town" in addition to running the farm.
One of the things that helps me to balance my home/ farm life with a full time jobs is menu writing, every week I sit down and write my menu for the following week (and most weeks post it here).
My menu is written around the schedule my retail job gives me "full time, full flex", and our farm life with an ultimate goal of balance.  Today I was scheduled to work a mid. 9-5:30 so I needed fast and easy so that we could eat before night chores and Bob could get to his men's group with a meal in his belly.

On today's menu was Beef Peperoncini, butternut squash and roasted potatoes with olive oil.
The prep time for this dinner was UNDER 10 minutes, and clean up time is also UNDER 10 minutes.
1st you prepare a crock pot with liner, and drop in beef roast
2nd you dump in a jar of Peperoncini

Lock lid in place cook on Low 8-10 hours
Next I cut 4 potatoes in half put cut side down on a cast iron skillet coated with OVOO
top with more OVOO salt and pepper. The potatoes go into the oven on the timer 45 min 350 and the left overs will be home fries in the am.

I came home to the most glorious pot of fall apart beef, and roasted potatoes, heated a jar of squash in the microwave and dinner on the table. 
On Sundays when I make veggies I make "extra" and put into clean recycled sauce jars, for nights lik this.

This is "The Bigs"out door run in, check out the snow on that roof. A hot dinner taste even better on a cold night!