Week of March First

Sunrise 6:30
Sunset 5:56
Days Length 11 hours 26 min
Today Bob took Mike and Mack over to The Abenaki Draft Horse Club, to join some other club members.
I thought in addition to this weeks Menu I would share some pictures of the team getting exercised today.
I hope you enjoy!
 This side is Mike,
 and from the front you see Mike and Mack
 Mike and Mack hitched to the sled with a couple of cute young passengers.

This Week on the Menu
Sunday: Roast Beef and Egg Noodles with Caramelized Onions
Monday: Turkey Sliders , Turnip and Roasted Squash
Tuesday: Miso Yuzo Glazed Cod
Wednesday: Italian Wedding Ball Soup
Thursday: Lobster Pot Pie
Friday:  Za'atar Spiced Steak
Saturday: Beef Chili and Chips