Day 116 / Balance 249 almost one third of the way through 2015

Sunrise 6:15
Sunset 7:41
Days Length 13 hr. 26 min
High today 55 with a 60% chance of rain

Yesterday the boys traveled over to Wells Maine to take part in a "Plow Day".
 Due to my work schedule, I only caught the end but all reports say wonderful day.
 The weather held out ( although the wind had a bite) and 6 teams of horses showed up.
The farm land was beautiful making it ideal conditions for the horses and Teamsters to work.

the teams about to start a new row

every one lined up / resting before the next pass
the horses just stand in waiting and rest while the Teamsters , talk plow talk

Bob with Mike (Bobs right) and Mack (Bobs left)

Dick with team Pete and King 

Mike and Mack

This team belonged to Rick Chase, the owner of the farm, I arrived late and did not get the name of the horses or the young Teamster in training 

It was wonderful to see a young person learning.
Here they are clearing some silage from the plow blades

this is at the opposite end as they turn the teams to make another pass
Sonny Richards

Can you tell how long the rows are?