This Week On The Menu

So I just left where I was on the hunt for egg recipes.
This week I will be adding a couple egg dishes to the menu, the girls are back to laying and I LOVE farm fresh eggs.

yes, the girls drink milk

Sunday: Beef pot roast, baby potatoes and carrots slow roasted
and Quejadas berries and home made vanilla bean whip cream
Monday: Cheese burgers on English muffin topped with farm fresh egg
Tuesday: Dukkah-Spiced Salmon
Wednesday: Laotian Lamb Gai
Thursday: Sirloin Tips and Radish Hash and Wild Rice Pancakes
Friday: Roberta's Pizza with Guanciale Egg (food 52)
Saturday AM: Warm Breakfast Salad with Super Greens ( food 52)
Sunday: Potato hash (sweet and golden potatoes) with fried egg Chicken Sausage