Summer Begins

Most people know today Sunday June 21 st. is Fathers day, this year it also happens to be first day of summer.
 The sun rise started at 5:46 am, sunset will be at 8: 15.
Days length 14 hrs. 29 min.
 This is my favorite time of year for menu writing and cooking, with so many great local choices.
It is already week 3 for our garden csa deliveries. this week we got:
Swiss Chard
Chinese Cabbage
and Dill

My one lone cucumber plant is only just starting to sprout , but at the farmers market this week pickle cucumbers we 1.00$ a pound so refrigerator pickles are in the works.

The Farmhouse Table
Saturday: Cheese burgers on the grill, topped with fried egg
Sunday: Sweet and sour chicken
Monday: Spinach and kale Ravioli Grilled garlic pizza
Tuesday: Seared Salmon
Wednesday: Miso Chicken
Thursday: Lamb Rissotto