Sunday June 7th Day 158/ 207

Blessings on Our Meal
This week we received our first CSA Garden share from Jireh Farms (on Friday) and we have been enjoying their fresh produce.
For lunch we had awesome buffalo chicken Cesar wraps with farm fresh romaine , from our Jireh share.
For breakfast we had our own farm egg omlets with Kale and green onions and from our share.

However tonight we are enjoying pizza on our new grill.

The sauce was pre heated on the side burner, zesty farm raised sausage marinara sauce.
Jar tomatoes as it is way to early here for fresh ( 40 degree morning)

I have learned to make a nice crust , you must have a HOT grill.

and grill on both sides!

The trick is to have the grill hot enough to quickly melt the cheese but not burn the crust.

Topped with the pre heated sauce, it moves fast now!

Topped with cheese and olives

Farm fresh basil.

and a nice simple kimichi salad !

In a large bowl combine the radishes, cucumber, vinegar, garlic ginger sugar and some green onion tops of the scallions from the garden share a drizzle of olive oil salt and pepper , red pepper .