Day 235 /130

Sunrise 6:26
Sunset 7:39
Days Length 12 hr 59 min.

The days have already begun to shorten.
Holding on to the last days of Summer and already thinking about fall.

Today was the first day in many that all meals were cooked inside.

The garden is getting tired, mostly peppers left.
(almost killed Bob with some Scotch Bonnets Friday night)

Have some projects in mind for fall , thinking I need to own some kid friendly stilts.
I got a peak at these last week at the Kennebunk Land Trust fund raiser and I was immediately taken back.
When I was young my Dad made me a set, almost exactly like these.

My Older Brother Harry and I spent many of hours on stilts ,we had the most perfect sloped drive way and stone wall to master the art.

Saturday: Hoisin Glazed Meat Balls
Sunday: Sausage Peppers and Onions, Fresh Local Creamed Corn, Potato Lackeys with yellow squash
 snuck in.

Monday: Ravioli with Basil utter
Tuesday: Tomato Basil Burgers
Wednesday: Chicken: Choy Sum and Fried Rice
Thursday: Whole  Grain Spaghetti Roasted Veggies
Friday: Cheese Burger Pizza and Dill Pickle's.

OK we never "mastered it" but we had fun!