Freezer Cooking

I am a crazy busy foodie... I love everything food, cooking shows, cook books writing menus planning meals.
I have the farm and a job in town  with an impossible schedule.
 Like most people I have two days off a week.
So for this reason one of my favorite vacation activities is bulk cooking and that's what I spent two days of my vacation week doing. I shop early in the day and then I go home and get organized, separate ingredients gather up my containers then I cook.
Sometimes I cook for four to six hours straight, chopping roasting stirring stock pots.
But when I am finished I have meals for as many as eight or ten nights. When I return to work and days are exhausting I find relief knowing whats for dinner. I grab a dish from the freezer pop it in the oven and head outside to do night chores , when I return inside dinners done and clean up is easy.
This is one of my very favorite starting points for bulk cooking. A couple roasters are perfect. I season with salt and pepper some garden herbs and stuff with onion and garlic.
I roast, cool and pick separating into parts, every piece is transformed.

a chicken pot pie 
or two

Waldorf salad

chicken stock for use in soups and rices

two pounds of beef browned and lasagna roll ups and sauce created.

Freezer Cooking
Decide what to make
Gather the recipes
Make your shopping list
Shop early or the night before
Cook day , make time to do just that
 Choose the correct containers and label
I use Amazon Reditainers and Sharpie markers.