Time to Turn the Clocks

I hate when we change the clocks! Front , back I do not care, it messes me up for weeks.
 Being in retail it is difficult  enough to try and form a healthy eat, rest pattern ( we are mandatory "full flex").
 Changing the clocks and loosing 5 hours of day light is hell on earth. Morning chores and evening chores are done in the dark.
DO NOT try and tell me I gain sleep that is BS my boys want to eat same time every day year round 6:1 am and 6:15 pm!

This is very often my view. Thank God for white socks  and blazes.

This week on the menu:
Thursday night: Home made grilled Pizza's and the Pat's game!
One has red sauce and one has white.
Friday: Our own farm ,Grilled burger, Fresh and local bacon and organic red onion slices.
Saturday : Local Flounder and fries
Sunday : Lasagna roll ups , from my freezer made meals.
Monday: Cobb Salads after a full day of meetings
Tuesday: Pork Meatballs in Butter Lettuce Cups
Wednesday: Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Thursday: Salmon Pastrami on Rye
Friday:  Grilled Pizza