For Our Troops

Horses4Heroes is one of the most successful equestrian service organizations for our troops, veterans, First Responders and their families. Since 2006, Las Vegas-based Horses4Heroes has introduced more than 5,000 to horses and horseback riding, simply because of their sacrifice and service to our country"  (

 Hooves and Hounds Farm is one of Maine's first Horses for Heroes facility, one of more than 200 throughout the US and Canada.  We offer members deeply discounted, or even free, instructional and recreational horse related activities.  Working with and driving draft horses has numerous benefits, and we want to make this possible for everyone regardless of financial status. 

 Magic can happen when horses are introduced to our lives. Partnering with these Gental Giants  we can begin on an amazing journey within ourselves.  Our character and courage strengthen, we become empowered in many aspects of life, we can gain balance and utilize all of our muscles.  Horses help teach us the true meaning of honesty, trust and leadership, as well as empathy, allow adults to be children again, let children dream big, and enable the disabled.  Feel free to set up a time to stop by the farm house , call or email us

To find out more about Horses for Heroes, or to become a member go to