Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week end Outing

It was a PERFECT first week end of summer, in Maine.

We packed team Mack and Mike into the trailer , and headed out.

We took them a couple miles down the road to Lavigne's Strawberry Farm.
Lavigne's is in Sanford and well worth a visit.

At Lavignes families can pick there own berries, this was a great opportunity to exercise and socialize the team. 
The farmers are very nice, and we enjoyed talking with loads of "pickers".
of course you can find them on facebook., take a look!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Morning Stroll

 While doing chores this morning, the farm was full of bird activity.

Not sure why taking up residence on top of the garage door opener was necessary.

Citronella plant

Morning Glory

Peas , to be picked after work .

Pizza Garden

I thought we provided plenty of options, for housing.

If you look close you can see, the houses are full of nest made of hay and goose feathers.

Sweat potato

The cherry tree was full of gold finch, until I took out the camera.

Mike never hides from the camera.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Thank you for your service!

Today as the Country morns the loss of 50 + innocent, in Florida.
Bob and I were honored, to welcome home American Veterans.
These veterans traveled to Washington Dc with Maine honor flight.
They were able to visit the World War ll memorial.

I took these photo's at the Portland Maine Jet Port, as they returned to Maine.

These two men are co workers of mine.
"Moses " Joseph Barrieau is a WWll Veteran having served in the US. Navy as a diver.

Moses and  his escort, John Mitchell

God bless those  who have served and do serve .
Prayers for the fallen and their families. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Field Trip

Last night Bob and I took a little field trip , to visit a new farm in town.

Girard Farm in Lyman , was hosting farm tours.

Any time I can support community agriculture , count me in.
It was a pleasure to walk the farm , smell the rich soil see the early spring production and the hope for the future.

This is the stuff that gets me through Maine winters.

This is the proud young farmer Josh, if you are in the area stop in and check out his farm stand on the
 Huff Road.

Local farms are such an important part of our future!

Mowing Season

Last winter we drove to Vermont and dropped Bobs mower off for service.

This piece is a McCormick-Deering horse drawn mower.

We recently took a return trip, and picked the mower up and returned it to our farm here in Maine.

Hope to soon get out into the fields , hitch the team and see them mow.