Pizza Making Class

Most of you know that here at the farm , we have an amazing wood fired pizza oven.

The oven has not been fired up in a bit due to extremely cold temperatures.
The oven is located on our back deck and we do use it year round.
But not in extreme cold and winds , because accessing the oven from the kitchen requires opening and closing the door and lowering the core temperature of both the fire and the house too much. 


In the interim to help us get through this cold patch, Bob and I are planning to attend an informal pizza making class .  With Chef German Lucarelli and his pizza cook Austen Tayler this February. The class is being held at Ports of Italy in the Kennebunk's .
 We will learn to make authentic Italian pizza in their Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizza Oven in doors.

This should be good news to all of you who plan to visit the farm in 2017, we are good at making pizza and plan to get even better, with practice!