Tack Hording

Things you learn

When we begain our adventure in draft horses, we begain learning about harnesses.

Our first harness was made used of leather and did not fit our 14 month old Nickel , when we first tried.

With help from our driving instructer John Frost, we made adjustments and made it work.
That harness served us well for years and traveled with us to Maine, and is one of many in our tack room.Over the years we have acumulated a number more, each a little diferent in style, purpose and construction.

The newest addition purchased from Meaders Supply in New Hampshire , were custom made in Ohio.

The choice to go custom this time was dictated mostley by the teams size. Finding a set of harnesses to fit Mike and Mack was not an off the shelf stock type purchase.
Once we descoverd that we would be purchasing new and custom there was lots of choices to make , this was a fun process , and we love our Hooves and Hounds Bio thane harnesses.

Team Mack and Mike with there custom size , Bio thane  Draft harnesses

Not Sure How This Happend