Pasture Maintenance and Winter Prep

Here in Maine we are only just starting to feel fall temperatures , it has been dry and mild.
But we know this will change and we must prepare for colder nights and short days.
Today we are working on pasture maintenance in the morning hours and freezer meals in the afternoon.
I plant visit Harris Farm to purchase what I can of this years , super sweet corn on the cob.
I will strip the corn from the cob and process for the freezer. The corn cobs will be boiled as part of this weeks stock. Every week I gather up our veggie cut offs and chicken left overs and make a stock, used for chowders and stews as well as crock pot and rice bases.


  1. its almost winter so everyone needs to prep themselves for this season I know its not my favorite time of the year but after reading this blogs I will have made enough preparations


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