The winter of 2017 was a real struggle for me, a struggle I'm not sure I can name why.

Was it winter depression, demons, loneliness, the result of  exhaustion a combination of all these things.

 What ever it was I turned to prayer, lots and lots of prayer.

  I concluded that the answer was to SIMPLIFY.

I am refocusing on my resolutions , here is an update on that.

  1. Live Intentionally      off to a good start on #1 have a new prayer schedule , work out routine and diet 
  2. Make Saving a Priority       progressing
  3. Have One No Spend Week per month      in progress
  4. Visit 52 Farms off to a good start , for winters end ( check out the map)
  5. Start a Line of Photo Greeting Cards making progress
  6. Purge 250 items DONE and still going
  7. Turn Guest room in to "my space" in progress
  8. Dote on my husband even more than I do now in progress had a great date night this Monday
  9. wear out the clothing I already own / reduce closet in progress, may need some new after diet
  10. Try 52 new recipes Tried and shared a new one with our Ferrier last week , it was a hit!
to help make #4 a success I have found a great map, it is over at   GETREAL , GET MAINE.

check out the link

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