Farmhouse Kitchen

Meal planning So to make meal planning manageable, we start with a basic temp plate: Monday:Burger Night Tuesday:Taco's fajitas , or stir fru Wednesday Pasta Thursday:Pork Friday:Pizza or Flat Bread Saturday: Soup and Sandwich Sunday: some thing roasted slow in the oven , preferable with bones for stock. This weeks on the menu Burger Jalapeno Popper Burger Fajita Beef with peppers and onions we purchased our beef here they deliver aka: social distancing Pasta Portuguese pasta sauce from freezer with loads of chorizo Pork fried rice with pork trimmings from whole loin and farm fresh egg Flat breads (1) mozzarella tomato basil (1) with leftover pasta sauce from Wednesday and fajita cheese Tortellini with sausage and spinach fresh baked bread with prosciutto Spatchcocked Chicken with Vinegar sauce and slow roasted vegetables