Spring American Farm House Salads

Marinated Carrots 2 pounds carrots 1 large onion, sliced into rings 1 large green pepper, sliced 1 can tomato soup 1 cup sugar ¾ cup apple cider vinegar ½ cup salad oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pepper Wash and scrape carrots. Cut into diagonal slices about 1 inch long. Cook in boiling water until tender. Drain and cool. In large bowl, combine carrots with onion rings and green pepper slices. Combine soup, sugar, vinegar, oil, salt and pepper in saucepan. Bring to a boil and stir to dissolve sugar. Pour hot mixture over carrot mixture. Cool. Cover and chill in refrigerator overnight. Keeps up to a month in the refrigerator Potato Salad Extra Large 2 1/2 pounds potatoes, cooked until tender 6 hard-boiled eggs, cut up 1 cup celery, chopped 1 onion, chopped 1 1/2 cup Cains Mayo 2 teaspoons prepared mustard 1/4 cup vinegar 3/4 cup sugar 1/4 cup milk 2 teaspoons salt Dice potatoes or put through slicer. Then combine potatoes, eggs, celery and onion in a bowl. In a separate bowl, stir together salad dressing, mustard, vinegar, sugar, milk and salt. Pour over potato mixture and stir together. Large recipe serves 12-18. Layered Lettuce Salad 1 head lettuce, cut into bite-size pieces 1 cup celery, diced 4 eggs, hard cooked and diced 1 (10 ounce) package frozen peas, uncooked 1/2 cup green pepper, diced 1 sweet onion, thinly sliced 8 slices bacon, fried and diced 2 cups mayonnaise 2 tablespoons sugar 4 ounces cheddar cheese, shredded Layer the first seven ingredients in a 9×13-inch dish. Mix mayonnaise with sugar. Spread on top as if frosting. Top with cheese. Cover and refrigerate 8 to 12 hours. At serving time, garnish with additional bacon and parsley if desired Italian Cucumber Salad 2 cups cucumbers, peeled and sliced 1 cup cherry tomatoes, halved 1 cup onions, sliced 1/2 cup green peppers, chopped 1/2 cup Italian dressing Mix vegetables together. Add dressing and toss.