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"Harvesting Maine" Interview Series Launches March 18, 2021! Jars of pure Maine maple syrup against a sunlit window at a Maine sugarshack How long does it take to harvest your favorite farm products—and what does that involve? Who are the people behind the product? We will help you ask the experts! The "Harvesting Maine" interview series answers listener questions about farming, and explores the dedication it takes ensure Maine farm products are available and accessible year-round—and for future generations. Follow along as we meet different Real Maine members and learn about Maine farm products. Episode One airs Thursday 3/18 at 5:15 p.m. Watch live on Facebook, or on YouTube. (Or go to www.RealMaine.com for recordings.) What do you want to know about maple sugaring in Maine? Email your questions for panelists! "Harvesting Maine" is produced by Real Maine, a promotional program of the Maine Department of Agriculture Conservation and Forestry. Learn more about Real Maine at: www.RealMaine.com. "Harvesting Maine" Interview Series Episode Schedule: March: Maple producers walk us through the sap harvest season, explaining the nuances of sugaring and how to enjoy maple products year-round. May: Nurseries and growers share the progress of seedlings, their plans for the upcoming seasons, and explain the nuances of keeping food and flowers in production. July: Livestock farmers will highlight production techniques, share resources they use to grow quality products, discuss the different types of Maine livestock, and we’ll share local recipes! September: Produce farmers will provide an update on the foods they are growing, discuss how their spring and summer harvests went, and we’ll learn how to enjoy produce year-round. November: We’ll focus on tree farms and fiber farms. There are many differences, but we’ll discuss the similarities—the time it takes to harvest the end-product, and the meticulous detail that goes into a quality end product. We’ll get tips for finding real (non-synthetic) trees, textiles and fibers from Maine.