7 Habits For Effective Meal Prep

So most of my followers know , I love Meal Prep Monday. As someone who prefers to cook at home and often from scratch, meal prep. is essential to my success. Most weeks I do my meal prepping on Mondays, this is my day off.
1. Have an inventory of your refrigerator, pantry, produce draw and the fragments you need to use up. 2. Plan a menu to best use what you have on hand and purchase what you need in advance. 3. Write a Menu and read your recipes, then write a finl shopping list and shop. 4.Wash all of your produce as you bring it home If you can shop on line and pick up, or get a delivery you are less likley to impulse buy. I use Misfit Market and Hungry Root. 5.Prep your kitchen. Pull out appliances , utensils' storage containers and fill the sink with hot soapy water. 6. Cook as many of your protiens as you can,"extra" grilled chicken finds its way into lunch sandwiches and salads. 7. Finish and assemble your meals.Label your meals with date, name and instructions and store as needneeded. Meal Prep Monday: May 3rd 2021 Hard Boil eggs -egg salad Breakfast bites Roast a whole chicken/Pick chicken -chicken salad with grapes and walnuts -bone broth Make blueberry topping @ yogurt Make banana bread and lemon muffins for week day breakfast's Potato salad with eggs and pickels Slaw Mix