7 Tips for Keeping your home "drop in anytime" presentable

One of my very favorite things is sharing time with friends and family and sharing my farm house with those I love. When I tell my freinds "drop in anytime" I mean it. What has helped me to be a joyful hostess is having a prepared pantry and a generally clean house.
1. Have a routine and be consistant 2. Be organized and have a specific location for your cleaning supplies, keep only what you like and use. 3. Do not let things build up, including paper, such as magazines flyers and mail. 4. Get up, get dressed and make your bed every day. 5. Be sure to include wiping down the counters and spraying down the shower as part of your every day bathroom routine. 6. Do laundry daily and in small batches, including putting things away. 7. Clean up as you go, when possible. Go to bed with a clean empty sink.