Menu Plan and a peak at my Butcher Box

Yesterday, I received my most recent Butcher Box delivery. Butcher box delivers the highest quality of meats, to my door. This is a look at what was in my box, and at what cost. CUSTOM CLASSIC $149.00 Ground Pork Each unit of Ground Pork contains 2 x 1 lb packs NY Strip Steaks Each unit of NY Strip Steaks contains 2 x 10 oz steaks Whole Chicken Each unit of Whole Chicken contains 1 x 3.5 lbs chicken Bone-in Chicken Thighs Each unit of Bone-in Chicken Thighs contains 3 x 1 lb packs Burgers Each unit of Burgers contains 6 x 5.3 oz burgers Flat Iron Steaks Each unit of Flat Iron Steaks contains 4 x 6 oz steaks MEMBER DEALS $24.00 Apple Gouda Sausage $7.00 Apple Gouda Sausage Each unit of Apple Gouda Sausage contains 1 x 12 oz pack Cold Cracked Lobster $17.00 Cold Cracked Lobster Meat Each unit of Cold Cracked Lobster Meat contains 1 x 8 oz pack FREE Butcher Box Bacon Each unit of ButcherBox Bacon contains 1 x 10 oz pack TOTAL $173.00 If this is something you would like to try here is the link. When you use the link you will get 30.00 off and I will get 30.00 credit. Now that I have a freezer full, time to write the Menu plan. I start each month first be planning out a rotation. Month of June meal rotation looks like this: Monday: Super Sized Salads: Tuesday: Tex Mex Wednesday: Chicken Thursday:Burgers Friday: Fish- Seafood Saturday:Steak Sunday: Pizza Oven With the monthly rotation writen , now its time to dial in the week. May1 - June 6 Monday : Memorial day Salad topped with hard boiled eggs, cheese bacon and avocado Home Made Greed Goddess Dressing Tuesday:Beef taco power bowls on Brown rice with all the toppings Wednesday: Bloomin Onion Chicken Thursday: Frisco Melts Friday: Steamed Mussels in wine with bread for dipping Saturday: Spinach Salad with steak Sunday:Hot Pastrami Flat Bread