Menu Week Aug. 22nd - Aug. 28th

Lasst week end Bob and I took a day trip to Booth bay harbor in Maine. I found a wonderful books store, and a new cook book. On Wednesday I will be cooking a new to me recipe from this book. Also this week I received a meat order from Tuckaway Tavern and next week I am scheduled to receive my Butcher Box my new grill will be getting a workout. If you would like to give Butcher Box a try here is my code, use it and save 30.00$ Sunday: Roast Chicken with Roasted tomatoes and northern beans Monday: Flat Breads with Buffalo Chicken and left over roasted tomatoes Tuesday: Grilled Beef Fajita's with Peppers and Onions Wednesday: Lobster Carbonara Thursday: St. Lois Ribs Baked Beans Friday: Salmon Burgers and Slaw Saturday: NY Strip Steaks Zucchini and Corn Fritters