Routines Serve Me Well

I am a routine person, a planner a note taker a menu writer. Routines serve me well for essentials of the day, week or month much like meal planning. The rhythm of our lives means certain chores are going to be done over and over: food is cooked, animals must be fed, dishes washed up, floors swept, beds made, clothes washed, spaces tidied.
The farm house routine is broken up in am. and pm.routine. Th morning routine will includes some or all of: feeding animals cleaning stalls / if animals have been stalled overnight making breakfast washing up starting a load of laundry making the bed tidying up the bath bath room and kitchen sinks The evening routine will usually include: working out/ exercise cooking dinner and preparing lunches folding and putting away laundry setting the table clearing the table gathering up animals that are out to pasture and bring them inside, when weather calls for stalling night feeding of animals washing up setting the coffee maker