Team Mack and Mike

Hooves and Hounds Farm is proudly home to Belgian draft horses.

Team Mack and Mike

Mack and Mike
Tom Boy
Big Mike


"Mr. Man" (Merri's favorite)
AKA Big Sexy
Height: 18 hands
Rides: yes
Drives: single and double; plow, wagon, sleigh
Favorite Treats: candy canes
Bio: Nickel joined our family as a yearling , purchased from Toni Perry's farm. Nickel was our first ever draft horse, he is now 8 years old, and has changed our lives.


Tom back Nickel front

Nicknames: Tom the  Train
Weight: 1900 lbs
Rides: ? have not tried, yet
Drives: Single and Double
Favorite Treats: white bread meant for the chickens
Bio: Tom is new to the farm 2013 ,he had a brief career as a pulling horse. We purchased Tom to be Nickels Team Mate  after the sudden and sad loss of Charm boy

New to the Farm is : Slim

Slim is a former puller and here on a bit of a "pit stop". Once we learn more about Slim we will be looking to find him his forever home.
If you want to learn more about Slim follow along here on the blog or e mail me.

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